Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Jungle Themed Birthday Party

Earlier in the year, we had already decided to celebrate our daughter's birthday in some jungle or park. This was because our apartment is too small and McDonald's is too urban. A princess theme didn't suit our girl either as she was more the Dora Explorer type. We love nature, so we thought we should have her birthday party outdoors.

Here's the cake. It's a marble cake with buttercream icing, chocolate butterflies and royal icing flowers. It's a shame that I don't have a good quality picture of it.
And as per Chinese customary practice, I made birthday eggs except I made them more colourful instead of just red.
In spite of a few annoying incidents, the event turned out great, especially for the kids.
There were party bags, party hats (matching theme of course) and lots of food from everyone.
Just to share, the items in the party bags were:
  • mini jelly
  • sweets
  • wafer
  • water gun
  • bubbles
  • stickers
I also painted the kids hands with henna, the girls anyway. 


Here's the birthday girl playing with her water gun:

Some of the boys and men attempted fishing. The mummies were mostly just chilling out and watching the kids.

Right after the birthday song and candle blowing, the kids immediately ate all the flowers and butterflies from the cake!

Looking back, I'd really like to thank everyone for a memorable day. We had lots of fun. Here are more snapshots...


Okay, I guess that's enough pictures. Here's the recipe for the cake: