Friday, May 18, 2018

Swirly Whirly Bread

It's great to be back. It has been an eventful week for my country. There is a new sense of patriotism in the air that you just can't miss. And while changes are happening and anticipation is high, I have decided to finally blog again after a long hiatus. 

I have been making bread rather frequently, almost weekly. No, I don't use a bread machine. I think it takes the fun out of it. Besides, as Paul Hollywood says, it takes only about five minutes to mix and knead by hand. So a good old upper body workout (or hardly) and an oven is good enough.

In this post, I'd like to share a recipe that is slightly fancier than the usual knead-wait-knead-bake method. This one is basically simple but it just looks much prettier.

It requires additional effort too since you'll have to prepare two doughs, and then roll them out, stack them, and roll 'em up.

I did find that the green wasn't as green as I hoped it would be. So next time I would use more pandan leaves for the green dough. Actually, you could just leave it plain.  But I like the smell of pandan too (other than just for the colour).

 At first glance, it looks like an ordinary loaf of homemade bread. Mine always have a strange bump in the middle. I don't know why....  Anyway, the magic is revealed only when you slice it.

Remember to let the bread cool off before cutting, especially if you have a toddler taster like mine. 
I usually take the loaf out of the tin straight after it's baked, otherwise it tends to "sweat" and gets soggy.

Chocolatey Swirly Bread.... Mmmmm. Who wants some? Recipe below:

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