Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Chocolate Chicken

A recipe to beat the blues....

It's been ages since I last posted. The laptop went kaput and then we were busy moving house. And then I ran out of inspiration...

Yes, we've moved to our new home where the kitchen is large and not so "lil" anymore. It was time to test out photography here where there's some natural light.

Yet, I was feeling down in the dumps due to several issues I can't mention here. I couldn't couldn't find a anti-depressant recipe. I thought of cooking chicken mole but decided to try something a little different. I made some pink pasta for my kid's birthday party, which was kinda disastrous, cause nobody dared to eat it. So I had leftover beet which I decided to use in this recipe. After all, I knew its red colour would go away after cooking it for a while. And I had to use chocolate, to kick away the blues.

So, I adapted chicken mole recipe and stirred up this thing, which was quite edible. If you're adventurous, you might even think it's nice. 

It might look like some rendang or curry kapitan but it doesn't taste like it. 

Well, just for my record, here's the recipe (sort of):

I look forward to next post, which I hope will be a happier sort. That's all for now....